Monday, November 1, 2010

First Post

This first post is dedicated to the Goddess within us and the Goddess without.  This is a daily devotional I wrote for myself and say in the morning during my quiet time, before I wake the girls and all hell breaks loose.  You are welcome to snatch it for personal use, but if you repost it please link back to my page.

Before the dawn, I light my candle
ushering in the day
Goddess within, Goddess without

Like the Great Goddess Ishtar-Innana
I have gone into the darkness
I have been humbled before it
And I have re-emerged into the glory of the sun
Having taken vengence on my enemies
I now walk steadfast and unafraid
Like the Goddess herself
I am many women
I am the maiden shining with joy
I am the mother, bringer of life
I am the lover with powerful embrace
I am the harlot in ecstacy
I am the amazon, quick with bow
I am the seeker, rich with mystery
I now know the desires of my heart
and see them fulfilled
My will prevails
be it selfish or kind
for when I returned
a little of the dark, I brought with me
I am balance and harmony

                                                                                 -Astrid Jens