Tuesday, February 1, 2011


In our home, Imbolc is on the night of February 1st.  I had some grand plans over the course of the year for how we would celebrate now that I'm free to practice openly; but here it is and nothing is ready.  The healing afghan for LoverMan is still not finished, the house is a complete wreck (I should mention that by 'wreck', I mean something you might see on "Hoarders"), there is no corn dollie, I haven't bought the stuff for making butter with the girls, I haven't set up an alter (for that matter, I haven't taken down the Yule alter), etc...

So this year, Imbolc will be a step by step process leading up to the Equinox.  Starting today, with a thorough Spring Cleaning, that is likely to last through the entire season.  Is there an app for that?  And that lucky little girl who snuck out of bed last night to play video games ALL NIGHT LONG till mommy woke up to make breakfast and the like, and did not go to school...will get to help me do the cleaning.  (lucky me it was Fiona, god knows Rose has a lazy bone that must have come from a mastodon)

Tonight, we will lay out the pieces of unfinished afghan as well as the remaining 8 skeins of yarn for the Goddess to bless.  We will leave some hay (or a reasonable substitute...do cows like sprouts?) and some store bought bread and butter for the Goddess and her cow.  We will also be doing a variation on MrsB's Simple Candle Ritual.  Good god, I'm tired just thinking of the day to come.   On Saturday, we have the local pagan get together for Imbolc.  Anyone got any ideas for a milk based dish to bring?  Preferably not sweet, and something no one else will think of!

As for the rest of the season, I have a plan of sorts...
I'm going to work on the never ending afghan of love/healing every time I watch t.v. or a movie.
I am going to wash those flower pots and buy any additional seeds/supplies I need by the 12th.
I will also be blessing those seeds with the girls, an idea we really like from Elsie and Pooka.
I am investigating planting by moon phases/astrological signs, which is something my dad did but failed to pass the necessary info down to me. 
I will then be planting seeds for a potted herb/vegetable garden.
We will also make butter! And learn to make french bread!
Oh, and I am shampooing the carpets, washing the walls, and re-organizing the kitchen.

I'll let you know how it goes...


  1. Whew! I need a coffee break just READING what your plans are! XD

    I think that what you've got planed does sound wonderful though! I'm excited to get done with work tonight & class tomorrow so I can do something for Imbolc.

    Blessings & wishes for a most wonderful day & days to follow! ^-^

    ps... I just about keeled over, I was laughing so hard upon reading that your daughter played video games all night... XD

  2. Don't get too tired...Chances are, (shhh) I won't to half of it!

    Yeah, there are definitely times when I know I can't laugh because I'm the mom, but...well, kids are flipping amusing!


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