Monday, February 21, 2011

It's My Party

It's my birthday, as of 36 minutes ago and my insomniac ass can't sleep to save my life as usual.  It has been a crazy fucking week and an even crazier year.  Reflection.  Yes, the miserable way I spend every birthday, reflecting on what was NOT accomplished in the preceding year.  Luckily, this year I am way too stressed for negativity and self flagellation.  What crazy shit is specifically going on right now?  Well for one, I finally figured out how to black mail my husband into signing the divorce papers (happy evil genius grin).  I can't really take credit for that, he's just stupid enough to leave really self incriminating and threatening messages on my machine.  I haven't seen or talked to him in almost a year, when I left, and it scares the living shit out of me to have to come face to face with that abusive bastard...and it turns out that I get to do just that on my birthday.  If ever I wanted to be stoned on ANY day of my whole life, this would be it.  Unfortunately, I'm not speaking to the only shady person I know who could make that happen (my convict brother).  So Jose or Jack or Johnny?  One of the boys will surely be happy to comfort me.  Also, LoverMan and I are having a bumpy spot, between his pain flaring up and my panic attacks from this situation, I guess it's the inevitable thing to happen.  Enough bitching now.

I also use my birthday as a personal "New Years" and usually come up with some sweet resolution but I think signing divorce papers says "Happy New Year" like nothing else really can.  I just found out that Feralia is on February 21st and it is a fittingly morbid holiday where you might get haunted by your ancestors if you don't honor them.  The only ancestor I have unfinished business with is my mother and that crazy bitch would haunt me no matter how much salt I put on her grave.  But, still, we are deeply amused that there is some basis for my deep-seated, life-long morbidity (what? you thought Rosie came by it by accident :P)  Of the random events that have occurred on my b-day over the centuries, one of the more tragic occurred in 1971 in Vienna.  So sad, the end of an era, really.   I also share my birthday with Charlotte Church, yep same year too.  This would be a great year to do a past life regression...something I'm not sold on, but would be intensely amusing/interesting/etc. all the same.

And in other news: Fiona has announced her first crush...and she's a girl.  As impressed as I am at my ability to raise children that don't consider gender, race, or religion in their choice of friends and crushes, I just KNOW this is gonna come bite me in the ass.  I mean, I live in the bible belt, what are the chances that LittleMiss's mom feels like lesbian tendencies in your 7 yo is a non-issue?  LittleMiss is so very attractive due to her tiny head, "It makes her look so pretty," says Fi.  LMAO...


  1. First of all, happy birthday! And I hope you will be done with your ex for good soon...

  2. Happy birthday and here's to a better new year! Lesley Gore was a lesbian too, you know. Closeted, of course, when she had her hit songs.

  3. Happy Birthday. My birthdays are of the polar kind. Either really really good or really really bad. Kinda of like me ; )

    Toke up, deal with the bastid then watch some movies that make you laugh.

  4. Damn right. It's your party, sista, cry if you want to. Then watch some Kat Williams comedy. Specifically about your Star Player. YOU! Happy Birthday!


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