Friday, June 24, 2011

Know Any Finding Spells?

Have You Seen Me?

Upon being hired as a birth assistant, I was handed a purple stethoscope and a manual blood pressure cuff and told to practice taking vitals every chance I got.  So I got a cute little bag from LoverMan and organized my (sounding very important here) instruments.  It took me two weeks of vitals to lose the damn thing...Woe, woe unto me.  So I retrace my steps...painstakingly going door to door everywhere I've been for a damn week.  No luck so far...I have narrowed down that BohoChick was the last person who's vitals I have taken, but we were high and can't decide if it was park with the Great Oak Tree or the hippie Saturday thing... In either case, my midwives are gonna murder me & it's gonna cost at least an arm.

I've nearly finished my latest creation, a netted outer shower curtain covered with flowers and hung between the living room and the rest of the apartment.  It looks awesome, and I was able to make it using an old shower curtain and a $4 worth of artificial flowers from the Dollar Tree.   I just want to add...something to it to call it done.  This past couple of months, I've been trying to cheer up my house and make it more into the home of a crafty witch & witchlings, instead of a teenager's room.  Actually, until VERY recently, my house looked worse than a teenager's room....I am also almost done with my Summer altar, it still needs something too.

On a separate happy note:  I volunteered to help with organizing games & such at the Saturday hippie things and they offered to pay me.

And Brittany (who lives suspiciously close to me) is having a great GIVEAWAY!!!  I know it's tempting not to, but if you enter please share!  She makes some beautiful jewelery!

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  1. Hey Astrid!!!I just wanted to let you know~YOU WON THE NECKLACE!!!! Congrats!! You can view my blog and see! So, please email me at: and give me your mailing address so I can send it to you asap!
    Goddess Bless!


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