Tuesday, June 28, 2011


It's 4 in the morning, here at Casa de la Bohemia, and we have the doors open and citronella burning.  I'm sitting at my laptop happily tapping away, searching for the next new Paleo recipe...perhaps something I can put in the crock pot now and eat later?

Rosie:  Holy double shit! (her own phrase, I don't know anyone who says this)
Fi: What? and why are you yelling.
Rosie: (still with headphones on, listening to F.Scott's metal)  Flies are attacking the light.
Fi:  That's not flies, it's moths.  Moths are good.  I once met one this big.

Funny thing is, this convo is soooo typical, including the cursing.  But I never let them use words to demean or hurt others in any way (even, not so dirty words!).  Believe it or not I've gotten reprisals from other parents who allow their children to behave ever so fucking hatefully, but don't curse in the process.  I ask you this: Is social conformity of higher value to teach our children, than kindness?

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